Renewal is more than change – the future is open and can be newly shaped.
Thinking ahead needs support – inside and outside the company.
The power of renewal means fostering thinking outside the box and breaking down mental barriers.
For reinvention to succeed, it needs involvement at every level.
Corporate Rethinking creates acceptance, understanding and support for the corporate renewal process.


Deekeling Arndt Advisors, (DAA), is your partner of choice for urgent or complex communications issues. As strategic communications consultants, we pride ourselves on providing effective content and dialogue-enabling strategies and campaigns to communicate major company plans, objectives and projects in the most compelling way possible. We have been advising organisations on strategic communications issues for many years – from working with boards to define corporate transformation plans and narratives, right through to developing messaging and dialogue tools to align executive communities. We are specialists in developing and implementing programmes across a broad range of industries and markets.

We also have deep experience and understanding of the challenges of crisis communications, organisational change, and reputational risk. We can step in at short notice to work closely with CEOs, Chairmen, Communications & Marketing Directors, or other senior executives. Our strong team of experienced professionals partner with them to define corporate objectives and business goals, shape plans and deliver focused quick-win tactics, as well as medium to long-term initiatives.

Our insight allows us to offer valuable advice to clients; we work closely with them to identify the link between business actions and communications, as well as the impact on reputation. This enables us to offer strategic consultancy and advice that guides clients on how best to plan their internal and external communications processes.

Our range of innovative tools has proved to be highly effective in supporting and evaluating all the main elements of an organisation’s change programme. These tried and tested models can be tailored to fit all change situations to ensure the right outcomes for your organisation, tied to your business plan and specific communications goals.

All this, coupled with our global network and multi-disciplinary approach means we are well connected and we use these partnerships, together with our extensive experience, to solve your problems.

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