Investor relations

The area of investor relations comprises all communication with the financial community, i.e. investors. shareholders, analysts and (financial) journalists. Besides the mandatory publications pursuant to the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), this also includes financial reporting.

Regular and transparent communication of all relevant events is important in IR, regardless of whether these are positive or negative. In doing so, price volatilities can be minimised and ultimately the market value of a company can be increased.

The annual report continues to be a yearly showcase in financial reporting. The figures and position of the company in the previous financial year should not only be presented transparently, but also briefly and succinctly. All stakeholders ought to be shown why it is worth investing in the company, working with the company, purchasing its products or working there. All current core messages and investment highlights must be clearly processed.

Deekeling Arndt Advisors supports you in all (sub) areas of investor relations through to complete outsourcing of your IR department or financial reporting to us.

Our specific offer is comprised of the following: